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Lawn Grubs

Do you have a lawn infested with lawn grubs? We can help

About Lawn Grubs

The main grub in the area is the Lawn Army worm. They can advance in mass across a field, consuming the grass as they go hence the name army worm. This grub only affects lawns in summer. Lawn grub, (Armyworm), is a moth caterpillar that feeds on the turf foliage at night. The grubs come in large numbers and can cause rapid damage as they move across the turf area.

The moths emerge from the pupae and crawl to the soil

surface. They mate from the first night after emergence and egg laying may commence two nights later. Most eggs are deposited between dusk and midnight with individual moths laying up 4000 eggs with and average of 1700. Egg masses are seldom laid directly on the host

plants, and are more commonly found on adjacent vegetation. Citrus, eucalypt, papaya etc. leaves are favoured backyard oviposition sites but eggs may be laid on the walls and under the eves of buildings.

Egg masses occur on both upper and lower surfaces of the leaves, usually within a few metres of the ground. Eggs more or less simultaneously. Young armyworms have well developed 'silk glands' and may use silk threads to lower themselves to the ground. They prefer sheltered feeding sites. Feeding commences immediately after hatching and continues at night until larval maturity.


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