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Termite Detection Dogs

About Termite Detection Dogs

James Pest & Termite Solutions offers the premium choice in termite detection services through the use of highly professional detection dog.

Available to customers in our Brisbane service areas, we offer our highly professional detection dogs; Elsie & Beau. Both Working Cocker Spaniels (WCS) who have been trained from infancy to detect the smell of termites and termite damage. Perfect for residential and commercial customers who are battling with live termites; have evident termite damage done to their property, and for those who want a premium solution.


Elsie & Beau our detection dogs have been trained by Bret from infancy to be able to detect the scent of termites. Check out some of the training process in the videos below.


The two experts (the detection dog – Elsie or Beau, and the dog handler - Bret) are complementary partners who work together to detect termite activity/damage in hard to access areas and in multiple detected entry points.

Choose the premium choice in termite detection; our Qualified Pest Technician and dog handler along with our detection dog achieve efficiency and accuracy to keep your property safe from the threat of termites.


Why should I choose detection dogs?

  • Dogs are able to detect multiple termite entry points;

  • Dogs can access hard-to-access areas; and

  • Accurate and fast detection as you have two experts on site.

“Due to the termite dogs keen sense of smell, a properly trained termite dog can detect termites behind walls making them closer to 95 to 97% accurate.” Research from the Entomology Dept. of University of Florida* has shown that properly trained termite dog teams are at least three times more accurate than human inspectors. Even the best termite inspector can’t see through walls. But a termite detection dog doesn’t need to, he can smell live termites through the wall and detect live termites before they have time to do so much damage to a structure that it can be visually detected by a human. Termite Dogs don’t need to see termites; they can smell them, through drywall, concrete, paneling and all other building materials. It has been proven by team after team that a termite dog is the best termite finding and business building tool on the market for the Pest Control Industry.

*Journal of Economic Entomology 96(4):1259-1266(2003)

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