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Termite Inspection

Why do you need a Termite Inspection?

Finding and controlling termites is often not a simple process and should be carried out only by technicians with extensive training and experience. Your James Pest & Termite Solutions technician will carry out a thorough property inspection and inform you of the particular termite species infesting your home and what the most effective termite control method would be. We will provide you with a full written proposal for the eradication and future control of the termites. 


Annual Inspections are Very Important to safeguard your Home


Termites can be in trees and stumps and make their way underground to your home undetected


We also help new home buyers by doing their

Pre-Purchase Inspections


Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection

When you enlist our services for a Building & Timber Pest Inspection you are getting a highly professional service conducted by a separate individual professional from both industries who combined have many many years of experience.


Both Bret and Aaron work together at a time that suits you to inspect your current home or proposed new home to give you valuable information and detailed reports indicating issues and or problematic points for selling or buying a new home.


They use the latest technology - thermal imaging cameras and moisture metres along with the tapping and visual methods used in this process.


Together they inspect the home and then walk through with you advising what they have found during the inspection. This is all then followed up with a written report from both Bret and aaron within 48 hours of the inspection and cleared payment.


The combined price of the 2 inspections is $590*.

(**based on a 4 bedroom single story home) You will receive 2 separate reports from both specialists and thus will be invoiced separately also.


When you book we arrange a time with you and then both Bret and Aaron arrive at the organised time , there is no need for you to organise each person separately we take care of that part.


Both Bret and Aaron have the appropriate licences, insurances and QBCC registrations so you know you are getting a quality service with appropriately trained and qualified professionals in their respective industry.

Don't Forget you can also add our Termite Detection Dogs to any inspection for an additional fee. Check them out on the link below.

Bret with thermal camera

The visual pest inspection process will take approximately 1-2 hours depending on the size of your property. Your inspector will perform a visual inspection of your of the entire property including; inspecting all buildings, structures, and attachments containing timber and cellulose. Inspect timber fences, decks, pergolas, and outbuildings. Inspect all trees and landscape timbers on the property. Inspecting both internal and external for evidence of pest damage or termite activity.


Areas that are covered include sub flooring (this is where many problems evolve due to the damp, cool, dark conditions) and roofing cavities. All other accessible areas of the property will also be covered including foundations, floors, wall linings and ceilings. The visual inspection will also check all plumbing to floor connections for dampness or pest activity. 


We then provide you with an online report, that will provide recommendations, advice, a detailed treatment program if necessary and quotation, saving our customers time and money by streamlining the pre-purchase inspections and decision-making, ensuring the property is the perfect investment.

Colony Control

Termite Colony Control

What to do if you find Termites?

The treatment of live termites is not something you should attempt to do, unless you are qualified to do so. There is no worse thing you can do than spray termites with a can of spray, or something from the hardware shop.


Our products are highly specialised, expensive, and are designed so that the termites carry them back to the nest, and hopefully cause the colony to collapse.


Fast acting sprays will only kill the termites they contact, and will cause the colony to retreat. This has no effect on the health of the colony, and they will be back munching in a very short time frame.


The correct application is also quite difficult, with keeping termites working through the product in an attempt to kill the colony, a very fine balancing act.

termite nest
Chemical Barrier

Termite Management System - Chemical

What is a Chemical Termite Management System?

A chemical termite management system can be a fantastic option for anyone looking to protect their home or business over the long term. The barrier consists of an ‘unbroken zone’ of liquid termiticide applied in the soil around the foundations of the building. 


The chemical we use is called Termidor ™ which is far superior to others on the market. Rather than just repelling termites like some cheaper versions, it ensures any existing termite colonies within the property are destroyed. The slow acting chemical is undetectable by the termites, and once they’ve passed through the barrier, they will then carry it back with them to any nests in the property. Any termites they come into contact with will die within a period of 5 to 21 days.


The chemical is applied in the soil by our qualified technicians, and any concreted or tiled areas will have small holes drilled so the product can be inserted (usually these are completely hidden with plugs).


Chemical termite management systems are a long term solution and can last up to 8 years with minimal maintenance. We recommend a yearly termite inspection to ensure the chemical zone is still in effect and working to kill off termites and cover warranty.


Annual Inspections are Very Important to safeguard your Home


Chemical Termite Management System

- Trenching


Trenching for

Chemical Termite Management System

Physical Barrier

Termite Management System – Physical 

What is a Physical Termite Management System

Physical termite management systems are generally used during construction of new builds or during a renovation project.


Rather like a moisture layer, termite barriers consist of sheets that are laid over a slab before the building is constructed. 


Termites are subterranean creatures and generally enter a building through its foundations. Even the most solid foundations can develop cracks that termites can easily fit into, however with our barrier in place, they’ll be prevented from entering further into the property.


Physical Termite management systems are a suitable option for anyone looking to renovate an existing property or building a new one.


Physical Termite Management System - HomeGuard


Physical Termite Management System - HomeGuard


Physical Termite Management System

- Kordon


In Ground Baiting System

What is a Termite Baiting System?

In simple terms, the purpose of a termite bait system is to intercept termites in the grounds or gardens around your home – before they reach, and potentially damage your property. The sole purpose is to eradicate termite colonies.


This is achievable through termites returning the actual bait back to the nest. Baiting stations are a great way to safely detect and eradicate termites where a chemical soil barrier is not practical or possible.


It’s also a safer alternative for property owners who prefer not to use traditional chemical treatment methods.

What is a Termite Baiting System?

After the Termite Bait System is installed the baits must be serviced 6-8 weekly or there may be risk of the bait being entirely consumed and termites then abandon the station. This will result in termites looking for another food source.


During a site service, any stations needing fresh bait added will be done during the service, A site report will also be done and emailed to the homeowner.

How long until the bait kills Termites?

Depending on the type of Termite species will depend on the time needed to control the colony, as termite colonies are eliminated during the moulting process. So, the average time for the colony to be eliminated is usually 6-12 weeks, as termites feed on the bait in the first 2-4 weeks the termites mouth parts start to soften, so termites will only be able to consume the bait and not your home.


Termite Reticulation System

What is a Termite Reticulation System?

A termite reticulation system is similar to a chemical barrier, however the termiticide is released into the ground via a flexible pipe or hose with perforated holes. 


The hose sits in the ground alongside the foundations of the building, and it can be run under existing features such as tiles or paving stones with minimal disruption. 


The reticulation system can also be installed when a new property is being built or during a renovation.​

termx pipe
flow metre

Reticulation Termite Barrier System


Termite Colony


Retriculation Preparation

We are fully licensed & insured

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