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James K-9 Termite & Pest Solutions

Welcome to Our Blog!

A little about us and what we do....

At James Pest and Termite Solutions we specialise in all Termite Solutions and Pest Treatments.

We offer the following services : Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections, Visual Termite Inspections, Termite Colony Control, Termite Management Systems - known as Chemical and Physical Termite Barriers, In-Ground Baiting Station Installation and Monitoring, as well as all other General Pest Control needs for your home or office.

James K-9 Termite & Pest Solutions offers the premium choice in termite detection services; through the use of highly trained professional detection dog.

Available to customers in our Brisbane service areas, we offer our highly professional detection dogs; Elsie & Beau. Both Working Cocker Spaniels (WCS) who have been trained from infancy to detect the smell of termites and termite damage. Perfect for residential and commercial customers who are battling with live termites; have evident termite damage done to their property, and for those who want a premium solution.

Where or what areas do we service?

We service a large area from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast including Brisbane South and the Bay side area and Western Suburbs out to Ipswich.

Our Qualifications and Accreditations

James K-9 Termite & Pest Solutions are Fully Licensed and Insured.

Our technicians are accredited to install and inspect the following - Termidor HE™, FMC HomeGuard™, Kordon™, TermX™, Term-Seal™, Greenzone™, Trelona™ and Sentricon Always Active In-Ground Baiting Stations™.

We are also accredited in Fire Ant Eradication with Biosecurity Qld.

QBCC Licensed - 15132235. PMT-1003817813.

To get in touch with us to find out more about our services or make a booking click the link below.

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